Diploma in Internet of Things

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Fundamentals of IOT

Introduction to IoT-Concepts and Terminology of The Internet of Things (IoT), History of IoT, Applications, Requirements of IoT, M2M/IoT standards, Components of IoT, IoT Enabling, Technologies – Sensors, Actuators, Gateways, Local & Global Connectivity , IOT Platforms, Business Inferences IoT Building blocks – Architecture, Sensing, Connectivity ,Gateways, Processing, Software, Power, IOT Reference Architectures, Business Models, Challenges in IOT, Introduction to Node Red, Visual Prototyping with Arduino and connectivity to   IOT platforms.


Programming Technologies

Programming Languages C – Overview of C in view of IOT Devices, Pointers, Functions Arrays, Strings, Structures & Unions. Memory Allocation, Pre-processor, Linked Lists, Stacks & Queues, Sorting & Searching Techniques, Introduction to Python, Scope , Data Types, Files, Functions, Modules & Packages, Standard Libraries, Data Structures, Introduction to Nodejs, Event Handling, Buffer, String Handling, File Handling, Timers, Writing Functions in NodeRED


Microcontrollers Programming

End Devices – Introduction of ARM Series Architecture, Registers, Operation modes, Overview of instruction Set, Interrupt Management, Exception Handling, Timers, SDKs & IDEs for firmware development, Peripheral Programming (UART, GPIO,ADC, SPI, I2C, etc), Debugging techniques.


Embedded Linux Platforms

Introduction to Linux, Working with Commands Line, File System Hierarchy, vi Editor, Package Management, Administrative & Networking Essentials, Linux Internals (Process Management, Threads, File Handling, IPC), Working with Target Boards – Raspberry Pi, Beagle Bone Black etc., Native vs. Cross Building Applications, Supporting Libraries, Peripheral Management on Linux(UART, GPIO,ADC, SPI, I2C, etc)


Network Programming & Wireless Technologies

Basics of wired & wireless communications, TCP/IP Protocol stack, overview of Link, IP Layers, IPv4 & IPv6 basics, TCP,UDP Protocols & Socket Programming.

Wireless Communication – WLAN(IEEE 802.11), Wi-Fi motes(ESP8266,CC3200 etc), Bluetooth Protocol Stack, Class & Smart Profiles(L2CAP,RFCOMM,GATT etc), BLE Motes(NRF5xx series ,TI CC26xx Series), BLE Beacons, IEEE 802.15.4 implementations, 6LowPAN, RPL Border Router, Case study – Network Stack in Constrained OS, Cellular Technologies – GSM, CDMA, GPRS, 3G, 4G/LTE etc. Geo Tracking – GPS.


Data Management & Analytics

Introduction to Database Management, SQL vs. NOSQL, Implementations, Data management with SQL – Schema Design, CRUD operations, nested queries, aggregations, custom functions, Time Series Data Management, Query Language, Write Protocols, Continuous queries, Retention Policies, Implementation support – Server deployment, Client SDKs, Data analytics using Apache Spark Eco System, Streaming Analytics, Visual Analytics


Edge Computing & Protocols

IOT Communication needs, Terminology – M2M,IOT, WOT, Communication standards, Communication models (Request-Response, Publish-Subscribe etc),Communication Patterns (Telemetry, Inquiry, Status, Notifications), Data exchange formats, e.g.:- JSON, IOT Protocols – MQTT, CoAP, HTTP REST, Web Sockets etc. Packet Formats, Client and Server implementations. Platform connectivity, resource registration & discovery. Significance of gateway design, characteristics, protocol bridging, implementations & case studies. Edge analytics at devices and gateways, Down sampling of data – aggregations, filters, Threshold prediction, Detecting Anomalies.


Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing basics, terminology, characteristics, services, cloud deployment – public, private environments, delivery models – IaaS, PaaS, SaaS. Container Management, e.g.:-Docker , Platform Services for IOT Applications, Providers, Implementation support, Application Deployment using PaaS, case studies. , Distributed, Backend Messaging, Apache Kafka, ESB Layer,, Modern Service Models, Secure Communication, Cloud Security.


Mobile & Web Applications

Introduction to Mobile Platforms – Android, iOS, Windows Mobile etc., Architecture, Application formats, life cycle, Cross platform applications using HTML5,eg:- Ionic or Intel XDK, Building applications from source code, Web Services, SOAP vs. REST,  Frameworks & Templates for web design, e.g.:- express.js, Designing REST APIs for device registration, Data Management, Data Visualization, Dashboard Design.


Technological Aggregation & Case Studies

Modern trends in IOT – Wearable, industrial standards, Open Data Management & API. Case studies, Connected use cases in Real-life/Thematic areas – Smart Homes/Buildings, Smart Cities, Smart Industry, Smart Medical care, Smart Automation etc.


Aptitude & General English


Effective Communication



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