Diploma in IT Infrastructure, Systems and Security

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Fundamentals of Computer Networks

Introduction to communication system, issues in Computer Networking, Overview of Transmission Media, OSI Layers, TCP/IP Models, Overview of LAN (local area networks), VLAN (virtual local area network),Overview of VXLAN, Overview of STP,VARP, Overview of WAN (wide area networks), Discussion of Networking Protocols, Access List, IP Addressing (Fixed Length Subnet Masking, Variable Length Subnet Masking, Classless Inter Domain Routing), Static Routing and Dynamic Routing (RIP, RIPv2, EIGRP, OSPF), Introduction to NAT and PAT, TCP, UDP, IP, ICMP, Bridge, Network TAP, Hub, Switch, Router, Introduction to IPv6, Introduction Software Defined Network, Overview of SDN Controller


Concepts of Operating System and Administration

Concepts of OS                       

Architecture of Operating System, Process Management, Memory Management, File system Management, Network Operating System

Windows Operating System and Security Issue 

Overview of windows operating system, Overview of Administrative Tasks and Tools

Installation of windows operating system, Windows 10/ server 2016 core, Deploying Windows with  WDS, Network Configuring, Implementation of infrastructure of windows networks, File system and disk management, Managing disks with Distributed File System (DFS), Securing file systems with EFS & Biometric configuration, DHCP & DNS server, System center configuration management

Introduction to Systems Management & Service Delivery, System Center Configuration management, System Center  Endpoint Protection ,Implementation, planning and maintaining of active directory infrastructure, Configuration of IIS SQL server, web server and Exchange server, Implementing and administering Active Directory, User accounts and groups in an Active Directory Domain, Implementing WINS and Dynamic Host, Registry settings, System Configuration Settings, Introduction to Performance Tuning, Maintenance and troubleshooting, Introduction to Microsoft Windows 10/ server 2016 security, Security issues at the Active Directory level, Authenticating users and clients, Planning the administrative structure for security groups, Using smart cards for network authentication, Evaluating and analyzing workstation security, Securing network services: DNS, DHCP, RIS, SNMP and TS, Microsoft Azure Cloud Integration/Backup, Microsoft Windows os Licensing model, Power shell Scripting, Windows Power Shell Technology Background and Overview, Power shell Error Handling and Debugging

Windows Administration using power shell, Background Jobs and Remote Administration, Windows Power Shell Tips & Re-Using Scripts and Functions

Linux Operating System and Security Issue                   

Systems Concepts, Startup Files, Linux boot process, Installation of Linux, A hands-free method of installation, Understanding the boot procedure, Configuring the GRUB boot loader, Disk partition, Controlling and managing  Services, Repository configuration, User administration of Linux, Network Configuring, Network Teaming/Load balancing, Define network route, Using SSH for network communications, Using VNC for remote management, Network Authentication

Patches & updates, System Configuration Files, Perform System Management

X configuration server, Setting up an NFS server, Setting up an FTP server

The Samba Server: networking with Windows system, Configuring a DHCP server

Configuring a DNS server, Configuring the Apache web server, Configuring the Squid web proxy cache, Using send mail server, Dovecot: an IMAP and POP server, Performance Tuning and system hardening, Maintenance and troubleshooting, SE LINUX/ APParmor, Basic Service Security, Log Management and NTP, BIND and DNS Security, Network Authentication: RPC, NIS and Kerberos, Apache security(SSL), Overview of Linux versions/releases, KVM / xen

Bash Scripting,Introduction to BASH Command Line Interface (CLI) Error Handling

Debugging & Redirection of scripts, Control Structure, Loop, Variable & String

Conditional Statement Regular Expressions, Automate Task Using Bash Script

Security patches, Logging & Monitoring using script


Auditing, Law, Securing standards and Best Practices

Procedures and security Polices, Risk assessment methodologies, Risk management, DRP/BCP- Business impact analysis, Asset classification, process level strategy, information classification organization, Crisis management plan, Resources recovery strategy, Framework, audits benchmarks, compliance, communications, Data protection for system designers, Evaluation criteria and security testing, International standards, Analysis and Logging, Recovery and data backs, Security policy development, Security Models, Frameworks, Standards, Security Certification ISO 17799/ ISO 27001, System Security Engineering Capacity Maturity Model, Laws and Legal Framework for Information Security, Case studies on eCommerece & Credit Card frauds, Recovery and risk analysis, Operating system and application specifies auditing, Understanding Copy Right in Information Technology, Understanding the technology of Software software-copyright vs Patent debate Authorship, Assignment issues Commissioned work, Work for hire Idea/Expression dichotomy, Copy right in internet, Legal Issues in internet and Software Copyright Jurisdiction Issues

Copyright Infringe Remedies of Infringement Multimedia, Copyright issues Software Piracy, Patents understanding, Cyber Crimes, Understanding Cyber Crimes in context of Internet, Indian Penal Law & Cyber Crimes Fraud Hacking Mischief, International law, Obscenity and Pornography Internet, Potential of Obscenity Indian Law On Obscenity & Pornography Technical



Understand Basic Encryption Concepts, Attacks Against Encryption, Understand Private Key Encryption, Understand Public Key Encryption, Cryptography, Fundamentals, Cryptographic Algorithm and protocols, Symmetric Key Encryption Algorithms, Public Key Algorithms, Cryptographic issues, Strong Authentication, Digital Signatures, PKI Standards, PKI Fundamentals, Implementing Security, Cryptographic Attacks and Defenses, Understand Key Management, Understand Trust in the System, Secure E-Mail Implementation, File Encryption Solutions


Cyber Forensics

Introduction to Cyber Crime and Cyber Forensics, Basic Forensic Principles

Network Forensics, Mobile Device Forensics, Memory Forensics, General Computing Principles, Search and Seizure of Computers, Forensic Imaging & Verification, Data Recovery and Analysis, Investigative Techniques


Network Defense and Countermeasures (NDC)

Security Fundamentals, Firewalls, Types of Firewalls, Overview of NextGen Firewall, Limitations of firewall, Intrusion Detection And Prevention, Intrusion risks, Security policy, Monitoring  and reporting of  traffics, Traffic shaping

Investigating and verifying detected intrusions, Recovering from, reporting and documenting intrusions, Define the Types of intrusion Prevention Systems

Intrusion prevention system basics, Limitations of  Intrusion Prevention System

Spoofing Detection &Prevention, DDos & Dos mitigation techniques, Qos Policy

Introduction of Web Application Firewall, Packet Signature and Analysis,

Virtual Private Networks, Deploy and managing  VPN, VPN Performance tuning and error handling, DMZ and  virtual host, Introduction of Reverse proxy and policies


IT Infrastructure Management

Introduction to ITIL

Service Strategy, Service Design, Service Transition, Service Operation, Continual Service Improvement

Data Center Management

Introduction to DCM, Data Center design, Data Center Security Procedure, Server Security, Storage area network, Virtualization, LXC Docker Vagrant kvm Hyper v,kubernets, Introduction of Vmware Vsphere cluster, Introduction of Virtual Private Cloud (VPC), Private Cloud Setup, Automation Using Cloud API

Server Orchestration, Cloud Logging and monitoring


Java Programming with Crypto API

Introduction to Java, Java Overview, Data types, Arrays, Decision statements, Loops, Classes, Package, java.lang, java.util, Java Interfaces, Exception Handling, Networking with Java, JSP & Servlets


Java Cryptography Architecture, Java Cryptography Extension, SSL and TLS protocols, A Basic of SSL client and Server, Client side Authentication, Managing SSL Session Information, Dealing with HTTPS

Secure Coding with Java

Fundamentals, denial of service, injection and inclusion, buffer overflows and input validation, access control, security standards.


Security Concepts

Application Security         


Introduction to MySQL, Installing and Configuring MySQL, Queries in MySQL Database Security Principles, Authentication Bypass, Data Extraction, Advanced Identification/Exploitation, Order by/group by, Encoding/decoding Injection in Insert/Update, Other HTTP fields, Injection in stored procedures

Web Application Security  

Web application Security Risks, Identifying the Application Security Risks,Threat Risk Modeling, OWASP Top 10 Concepts


Introduction to Python, Python basics, Data Types and variables Operators, Looping & Control Structure List, Modules Dictionaries, string Regular Expressions, Functions and Functional Programming, Object Oriented Linux Scripting Environment, Classes, Objects and OOPS concepts, File and Directory Access Permissions and Controls Socket, Libraries and Functionality  Programming, Servers and Clients Web Servers and Client scripting, Exploit Development techniques, Writing plugins in Python, Exploit analysis Automation Process, Debugging basics,Task Automation with Python

Ethical Hacking         

Basics of Information System, Classification of Threads and attacks, Protecting Information System Security, Security in mobile and Wireless Computing, Security Policies and Measures in Hand Held Devices, Security Policy, Standards, Social engineering, Information Security risk analysis, Data Privacy Fundamentals, Penetration Testing fundamentals, Foot printing and scanning, Enumeration and Step-by-Step vulnerability finding, Linux and Automated Security Assessment Tools, Trojans and Backdoors, Viruses and worms, Sniffers, session Hijacking and Denial of Service, System Hacking, Web Server Hacking, Web application Vulnerabilities, Honey pots, Google dorks, Phishing


Effective Communication

Official & General Conversation, Official Letter Writing, Official Emailing, Essay Writing, Event Reporting, Formal Speaking (Telephone, Face-to-Face, Public Speaking), Oral & Digital Presentation Skills, Listening Skills, Cross-Cultural Communication, Technology-enabled Communication, Confidence Building, Formal Etiquettes, Body Language, Developing Positive Attitude, Personal Goal Setting & Career Planning, Job Search Process, Resumes & Applications / Cover Letters, Handling Interviews, Group Discussions, Audio Synthesis, Mock Interviews


Aptitude & General English


Analogy, Series Completion (Number, Alphabet, Letter Series), Coding‐Decoding for Number, alphabet and Letter, Blood Relations, Puzzle Test, Classification Type questions, Alphabet test, Order of words, Letter words problems, Logical sequence of words, Number, Ranking and time Sequence Test, Mathematical operations, Arithmetic reasoning, Logical reasoning, Statement-Arguments, Statement-Assumptions,Statement‐courses of Action, Statement‐Conclusions, Deriving conclusion from passages, HCF and LCM, Fraction, Number system, Permutation & combination, Ratio & Preparation, Partnership, Average, Percentage, Clock, Probability, Pipes and cisterns, Problem on streams, Time and work, Work and Wages, Problem on Trains, Problem on Speed and Velocity, Problem on Ages, Profit and loss, Simple Interest, Compound Interest

General English:

The Sentence, Subject and Predicate, Phrase and Clause, Parts of Speech, The Noun: Kinds of Nouns, The Adjective, Articles, The Verb, Mood, The Adverb, Comparison Of Adverbs, Formation Of Adverbs, Position Of Adverbs, The Preposition, Words Followed By Prepositions, The Conjunction, Some Conjunctions And Their Uses, The Interjection, The Same Word Used As Different Parts Of Speech, Composition, Analysis, Transformation and Synthesis, Analysis of Simple Sentences, Phrases, Clauses, Sentences: Simple, Compound and Complex, More about Noun Clauses, More about Adjective Clauses, More about Adverb Clauses, Analysis of Complex Sentences, Analysis of Compound Sentences, Transformation of Sentences, Transformation of Sentences, Synthesis of Sentences, Synthesis of Sentences, Synthesis of Sentences, The Sequence of Tenses, Direct and Indirect Speech, Agreement of The Verb With The Subject, Nouns and Pronouns, Adjectives, Verbs, Adverbs, Preposition, Conjunctions, Order of Words, Synonyms & Antonyms, Punctuation, Spelling Rules, The Formation of Words, Figures of Speech Exercise, Verb Patterns, Question Tags, Words of Idioms & phrases, Sentence Construction, Fill up the blanks


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