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OOPs with C++ Programming

Revision of C Programming, Pointers, Functions (Call by value and reference), Recursion, Arrays using Pointers, Structures, Union, Enumeration and Typedef, File handling,Discussion on Object oriented concepts:Classes and Objects, Access Specifiers, Overloading, Inheritance, Polymorphism,Beginning with C++,C++ Tokens, Initialization, C++ Operators,Static Members, Constant Members,Expressions,Control Structure,Functions in C++,Constructors, Encapsulating into an object,Destructors,Associations, Inner Classes,Memory Management and pointers,Inheritance, Virtual Functions, Polymorphism,Interfaces,Exception Handling,Managing Console I/O operations,Working with files,Advance Topics in C++ :Object Design and Templates,STL (Standard Type Libraries),RTTI (Run Time Type Identification),Advanced Typecasting,new data types,new operators,class implementation,namespace scope,operator keywords,new headers,C++ Containers


Algorithm & Data Structures

Define the problem, Identify the problem, Introduction to Problem Solving, Problem solving basics, Defining creativity v/s innovation, Find Creative Solutions using creativity tools

Effective problem solving approaches, Critical thinking and information analysis, Brainstorming, Reverse Brainstorming, Imagineering, Mind Mapping, Six Thinking Hats: A Tool to Strengthen Critical Thinking, Collaboration, , Communication, and Creativity Skills, Analyzing the situation, Gathering information, Identifying solution criteria, Decision Making Methods, Charts and Diagrams, Applying outcome-based thinking

Evaluate and Select solution :Pro’s and Con’s, Force field analysis, Feasibility/Capability Analysis, Decision analysis, evaluating problems, Choosing among alternatives, Qualitative analysis, discussing qualitative analysis techniques, Establishing objectives, Assigning weight to objectives in order to make the best decision, Creating a satisfaction scale to choose between alternatives, Implementing Decisions , Create an action plan, Break solution into action steps, Prioritize actions and assign roles (setting priorities for taking action), Follow-up at milestones

Algorithm & Data Structures: Introductory Concepts, Algorithm Constructs, OO design: Abstract Data Types (ADTs)

Basic Data Structures: Arrays, Stacks, Queues, Linked lists

Trees and hierarchical orders

Introduction to trees, Abstract trees, Tree traversals, Binary trees, Search trees, AVL trees

Searching & sorting algorithms: Objectives of Searching, The Sequential Search, The Binary Search, Introduction to sorting, Insertion sort, Bubble sort, Heap sort, Merge sort, Quick sort

Graph algorithms: Introduction to graph theory, Graph data structures, Graph traversals

Algorithm design: Introduction to algorithm design techniques, Greedy algorithms, Divide-and-conquer algorithms, Dynamic programming, Backtracking algorithms, Branch-and-bound algorithms, stochastic algorithms, Analysis of different Algorithms, Complexity, Application of Data structures


OS Concepts

Operating System Concepts,What is an OS,Processes, Scheduling & Synchronization,Memory management,Virtual Memory and Paging,Linux Shell Programming


Introduction to RDBMS

Need of RDBMS,Client/Server Computing,Codd’s Rules,Data Models, Normalization Techniques,ER Diagrams,Data Flow Diagrams ,SQL: DDL, DML, DCL,Sub query,Joins,SQL Functions,Stored Procedures,NoSql concepts,Introduction to MongoDB


Wireless Connectivity & Mobility

TCP/IP Protocol stack,Wireless LAN – IEEE 802.11,Bluetooth Classic,Smart(Low Energy),BLE Beacons,Mobile Apps for WiFi,Bluetooth Connectivity


Java Programming-I( Core Java)

Data Types, Operators and Language, Constructs, Inner Classes and Inheritance, Interface and  Package, Exceptions, Collections, Threads, Java.lang, Java.util, Java.awt,, Java Virtual Machine, Java Persistent, Servlets.


iOS Programming

Introducing iOS core specifications,Understanding iOS input and output,Using Xcode and Interface builder,Views and Controllers,Creating and Managing Table Views,Core Data and Address Book,Graphics and Animation,Core Location and Maps,Networking, JSON and XML,Bonjour Programming,Core Motion,iCloud, Uploading in application in apple store

Java Programming-II(Web Based Java)

Java Server Pages,JDBC,JavaBeans,Java Security,Naming Services,Java Annotations ,Java Mail,Java Messaging Services,Transactions,Apache maven,Introduction to Struts Framework (2hrs),Introduction to hibernate, HQL, Hibernate,Spring Framework,Hands on Web services –JSON/XML /oData (data format conversation)


Android Programming

Introduction of android,Why develop for android,Android SDK features,Creating android activities,Fundamental android UI design ,Intents, adapters, dialogs,Android Technique for saving data,Data base in Androids,Maps, Geocoding, Location based services,Toast, using alarms,,Instant messaging,Using blue tooth,Using Telephony,Introducing sensor manager,Managing network and wi-fi connection,Advanced androids development ,Implement AIDL Interface,Push Notification in Android,Material Design,Augmentation of reality application like Wikitude etc,Integration with Social Networking like Facebook, Twitter etc,Uploading application in play store.


Hybrid Mobile Apps Programming

HTML 5.0,CSS,jScripts,jQuery, jQuery Mobile,REST API,MBass(mobile backend as a service),Introduction to phonegap / cordova,Cross Platform App design,Intel framework for mobile


Effective Communication

Aptitute & General English


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