Diploma In Software Application And Website Design

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Operating Systems Concepts

Linux Commands, Vi editor, Shell Scripting, Overview of OS, Processes, Scheduling & Synchronization, Memory management, File Systems, Case Study with Linux System Programming: Process, Signals, Semaphores & Mutex, Inter-Process Communication, POSIX Threads

Programming fundamentals

C Programming

Introduction, Data Types, Operators, Control Statements, Functions, Data Input & Output, Arrays, Pointers, Strings, Structures & Unions, Bit field operators, preprocessors, C and Assembly, Files, I/O, Code Optimization, Secure Coding Practices in C programming

Data Structures

Introduction to Data Structures, ADT, Complexity of Algorithms, Linked Lists, Stacks, Queues, Sorting & Searching Algorithms, Trees & Graphs

C++ Programming

OOPS Concepts, classes, friend functions, Static data members & member functions, Operator and Function Overloading, Inheritance, C++ Files and I/O Support, Virtual Functions and Polymorphism, Templates, Exception Handling, RTTI and STL, Secure coding practices in C++

Database Technologies

Database Concepts: Client/Server Computing,RDBMS Technologies,Codd’s Rules,Data Models,Normalization Techniques,ER Diagrams,

SQL: Overview of OORD, Introduction SQL*Plus, DDL, DML and DCL, Tables, Indexes and Views, Clusters, Sequences and Snapshots, Cursors,Stored Procedures, Triggers, Packages, Introduction to No SQL, MongoDB (Virtual DB)

website development

Module I – Exploring UI Development Essentials
  • Basics of HTML and CSS
  • JavaScript
  • jQuery
  • Tests & Projects
Module II – Dynamic UI Technologies
  • AJAX
  • Projects in AJAX
    • Image Galleries
    • AJAX Based Website
  • Angular
  • Tests & Projects
Module III – Server-side Scripting and Database Management
  • Advanced PHP
  • MySQL
  • Tests & Projects
Module IV – Content Management Systems and Projects
  • WordPress
    • Installation and Commands
    • Theme Development
    • Extension Development
  • Woocommerce
  • Drupal
    • Installation and Commands
    • Developing Custom Themes
    • Developing Modules in Drupal
  • Tests & Projects
  • Web Development Portfolio


Microsoft.Net Technologies

Introduction to NET 4.5 Frameworks: Application Domain, Language Interoperability,.NET Framework Class Library, Assemblies, Introduction of Windows Presentation Foundation, Introduction of Windows Communication Foundation.

C# .NET 4.5: Need of C#,Operators,Namespaces & Assemblies,Arrays,Preprocessors,Delegates and Events,Boxing and Unboxing,Regular Expression,Collections ,Exceptions Handling,Introduction to win forms.

ASP .NET 4.5: Building .NET components,ADO.NET 4.5, Querying with LINQ, Custom Control, Master Pages, Themes and skins, Introduction to Web Services,MS.NET MVC Framework, Enterprise Services, Personalization, and Localization, Deployment

Creating Desktop Applications with WPF

WPF Foundations, Controls and Layouts, Data Binding and Validation, Styles, Resource, Templates, Animations, MVVM, Documents, Desktop App Converter,

On Object-Oriented Modeling And Design


Advanced Web Programming

HTML 5:Elements ,Objects ,Events ,Canvas,Audio & Video Support,Geo-location Support

CSS: Styling HTML with CSS,Inline Styling (Inline CSS),External Styling (External CSS),CSS Fonts,The CSS Box Model,The id Attribute,The class Attribute,HTML Style Tags,

PHP: Introduction to PHP, Working with arrays, Functions, Forms, Handling date and Times, Working with Files, Session and state management, Database operations from PHP.

XML & Web Security :XML:Introduction to XML,XML Validation,Reason for XML,XML Tree Structure,XML DOM,XML DTD,XML Schema, XML style language,XML and XSLT,XML Parsing,XML parsers (DOM & SAX),XML WSDL,RSS Feed, Web Security:SQL Injection, Cross-Site Scripting (XSS), Security standards (OWASP),

AJAX: Introduction to Ajax,Web services and Ajax,Ajax using HTML, CSS, JavaScript,Ajax Framework and DOM,XMLHttpRequest,Ajax Architecture,

JSON: Introduction,Need of JSON, JSON Syntax Rules,JSON Data – a Name and a Value,JSON Objects,JSON Arrays,JSON Uses JavaScript Syntax,JSON Files,JSON & Security Concerns.

Responsive Web Design: Introduction, The Best Experience for All Users: Desktop, Tablet,

Mobile Bootstrap: Overview of Bootstrap, Need to use Bootstrap, Bootstrap Grid System, Grid Classes, Basic Structure of a Bootstrap Grid, Typography, Tables, Images, Jumbotron, Wells, Alerts, Buttons.

Data for Effective Communication

Data for effective communication and informed decision making on development, Finding the right data, Data processing and analysis to make data meaningful, Data visualization

Test Plan

Test Planning Document, Test Planning Tips, Test Planning at Different Stages of STLC, Test Automation Planning

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