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Microsoft Word                                                                                           

  • Introduction to word
  • Entering text , Selecting Text, Click and Type
  • Using Smart Tag ,Sending Email, Views
  • Moving Around the Documents, Summarizing Documents
  • Changing Zoom Levels, Font or type Size, Text Color
  • Font effects. Using the Format Gallery, Indenting Text
  • Applying Indents to Paragraphs, Aligning Paragraphs
  • Paragraphs Spacing adjustments, Paragraph borders
  • Paragraphs Fills, Working with tabs, Searching for text
  • Replacing Text, Searching for Text in Files
  • Working with Header and Footer, Inserting Bookmark & Hyperlink
  • Undo and Redo, Inspecting text styles, Creating a text Style
  • Applying a text Style, Amending text Style
  • Using the Style Organizer, Spell and Grammar Checking
  • Searching for synonyms, Translating text, Carrying out research
  • Working with pictures, brief notes on picture formats
  • Inserting pictures, Editing pictures, Text Wrap
  • Inserting WordArt, Inserting Watermarks & Backgrounds
  • Page Setup – overview , Specifying margins
  • Specifying the page size, using print preview
  • Printer Setup, Printing – over view , Customized Printing
  • Miscellaneous Features of Word



Microsoft Excel                                                                                                     

  • Introduction to Worksheet and Excel
  • Entering Data, Modifying Existing Data, Working with Cell ranges
  • Smart tags, Moving around in worksheets
  • Switching between Worksheets, Viewing Several Worksheets
  • Rearranging worksheet windows, Tracking cells
  • Other Operation on Worksheets, Selection techniques, Formulas
  • Inserting a Formula, Using the Formula Evaluator
  • Using the Formula Auditing toolbar
  • Inserting a Function, Amending Row/ column size
  • Inserting cells , rows and columns, Auto fill
  • Changing number formats, Changing fonts and Styles
  • Cell alignment and text wrap, Bordering Cells, Shading Cells
  • Auto format, The Format Painter, Find Operations
  • Find and Replace Operations, Proofing and research
  • Charting -an Overview, Creating a Chart, Inserting pictures
  • Page Setup – an Overview, Setting page options
  • Setting margin Options, Setting Header / Footer options
  • Setting sheet options , page setup for charts
  • Launching print preview , printing worksheet data


Microsoft PowerPoint                                                                                          

  • What Is Powerpoint?
  • The slide views – an overview
  • Using the slide views , sing grids, Customizing the slide structure
  • Adding text to Slides, Formatting Text, Color Schemes
  • Design Templates, Slide Master, Format Painter
  • Moving Through Presentation, Smart tags
  • Inserting and deleting slides, Inserting pictures
  • Inserting movies and Sounds, Inserting Diagrams
  • Playing tracks from Audio CDs
  • Inserting Animation
  • Inserting Hyperlinks, Printing
  • Running a Presentation, Running Presentations in Explorer



  • What Is Outlook?
  • The Navigation Pane
  • The Calendar – an Overview
  • Using the Day Calendars, Using the Week Calendars
  • Using the Month Calendars
  • Working with the Tasks folder, Contacts folder
  • Composing email
  • Reading and replaying to email
  • Sending / Receiving email
  • Surfing the Internet


  • What Is Network?
  • Types of Network
  • between Internet and Intranet.
  • Connecting to Internet
  • Web Browsers
  • Email
  • Chat
  • Downloading and Uploading Documents


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    Teaching is a very noble profession that shapes the character, caliber, and future of an individual. If people remember me as a good teacher, that will be the biggest honour for me.


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