Competition has become cut throat in business now a days . To get more market share all types of business owners are employing novel concepts.Oflate business / brands can no longer get by using written contents and image alone. That is uninteresting  and unengaging for consumers who are flooded with live streaming , interactive 360 videos, augmented reality etc.

Video marketing is the latest format which has caught the attention of the business people. It is a forward facing marketing strategy that integrates engaging video into your marketing campaign.Now a days Video marketing is all over internet.Look no further than your favorite brands , your Face book , your YouTube homepage  and there it is : successful video marketing that has found its way to your eyes.  Now 63% of business have started  using Video content marketing . Out of this 82% businesses  feel Video marketing is an important part of their marketing strategy. Video marketing is progressing rapidly  and this trend is being fuelled by 83% of business believing that Video matketing gives them good ROI.


A)Video is an SEO gold mine helping build back links to your site ,boosting likes and shares and driving traffic to your site.

B)Video helps you connect your  audience – Video is the bridge that links what you say to what you really are , allowing the customers to get to know your brand. Video builds trust.

C) Video marketing can explain every thing from products to services.

D)  Science shows that  if a person hears something only he is likely to remember 10% of that three days later , but if it is a video  it is nearly 65%.

E)Now video content is is accounting for an estimated 74%  of online traffic.

F) Email subject lines that include the word video has seen a 20% increase in open rates and a 68% boost in click throughs. 

G) Four times as many customers would prefer to watch a product video.

H)After watching a video 64% – 85% more consumers are likely to make a purchase.

I) Video shows good return on investment.

J)Video appeals to mobile users .90% of consumers watch videos on their mobile . Mobile Video views have grown by more than 300% in seven years.With the increase in usage of smart phone  mobile video effective ness is increasing rapidly.

 K) Video engages even the laziest buyers .


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